Our Goal

Focus on the customer

With our agricultural machinery, we aim to make an important contribution towards the harvest success and the improvement of our customers´ income. Better working results, long service life, and convenient operation are the decisive criteria for our research and development work. LEMKEN excels due to a close relationship with its customers.

Agrartrend Imagebarometer 2011, our customers considered LEMKEN as one of the best agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Like a tailor-made suit

No two soils are identical. Based on our decade-long experience , we have developed a comprehensive product range for soil cultivation, sowing and plant protection. Therefore, you will find among the LEMKEN products, machinery which we manufacture individually according to the customers´ wishes - for all sorts of conditions, for conventional and minimum tillage, for small, medium or large farms, and for farmers and contractors. In addition, our implements can often be used in combination with one another to suit the prevailing soil or weather conditions. We would like to offer every customer the appropriate machine - like a tailor-made suit.

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